4.14.13 We did it!

Another successful Walk MS comes to a close.   And this was truly successful in so many ways.  First and foremost is raising awareness in the fight against Multiple Sclerosis.  Trust me when I say, the National Chapter of the National MS Society is overwhelmed at what we’ve accomplished in four years.  There are so many people who see our involvement in the Walk MS each year and cannot believe we have generated this much support in such a short time.

Secondly, is the amount of money we have raised towards research and treatment of Multiple Sclerosis.  An update on the fundraising efforts…we have surpassed our $10,000 goal!!  With the donations that were brought to the walk on Sunday and donation still coming in, I honestly believe we will end up around $12,000 (maybe more) this year – bringing our four year tally to over $47,000. Currently, Team Stanton is the second highest fundraiser for the Reston walk location.  This is unbelievable!!  No one person could do this alone and I have everyone who has participated to thank for their efforts.  Thank you for being part of the Team Stanton Army!!

If you haven’t had the opportunity to donate yet, no problem, just go to www.teamstanton.org and click on the donate now button.  Just because the walk is over, doesn’t mean we stop.

Where do we go from here?  With the support of our friends, family and co-workers (who have become more friends to me than you can imagine), I’m convinced we’re going to see an end to MS.  And just like everyone who suffers from MS everyday, I’m going to push even harder to make that happen.

We have the words “Making a Difference” printed on our t-shirts and rally towels and they are more than words, they are a reality – WE ARE MAKING A DIFFERNENCE.

With heartfelt appreciation, Thank You for everything you have done.

4.1.13 It’s National Fundraising Week – April 1-5

Great news…With our efforts thus far, once again Team Stanton has been awarded a tent on Team Row!!!  Look for our banner and you will find us with ease April 14th.

An update on our 2013 fundraising efforts:  As of today, we are 60% of the way to our goal!!!  This is an awesome effort, but we aren’t there yet.  With only two weeks to go – we know we can do this.  And with your contribution, you can help to get us to our goal and MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE FIGHT AGAINST MS!!!

Now is your chance to make a difference – CLICK HERE!!  And remember, EVERY contribution counts toward finding a cure and keeping Dave and everyone else with MS on the move.

Kaitlin and I are so proud of what Team Stanton has accomplished in the past couple of years.  And we sincerely realize that we could not have made this difference alone.  For all of those who have been with us every step of the way, you have made this possible.  Your continued support of the National MS Society in funding the research to conquer MS is truly appreciated.

As always, I encourage you to visit our website www.TeamStanton.org.  Please share Dave’s story with anyone willing to listen and invite them to join us in our quest.

If you are considering walking with us Click Here and hit the “Join our Team” button under the team photo (or go to www.teamstanton.org) to officially sign up with our team!!!  Or, feel free to email me directly and I will get you signed up.  We need a head count ASAP!!!  For all the walkers, more information will be coming out soon, so please stay tuned for the logistics.

With you behind us, Team Stanton ROCKS!!! Thank you again for all of the love and support.

Every contribution makes a difference in the lives of people living with MS.  Every connection counts.

3.10.13 We Want You…

To walk with us on Sunday, April 14th!  To make it simple, all you need to do is respond to this email.  We’ll take care of the rest.  It doesn’t get any easier than that.  So, join us and make a difference!

Why walk?

– To connect people living with MS, every person who cares about someone with MS, every family affected by it and everyone who has seen what this disease can do to people.  Walk MS is a day we come together to show the power of our connections.

What can you do if you aren’t available to walk on April 14th?  Donate!  Just click here!

How does your donation help?

– Your contribution is helping to fund cutting-edge research, drive change through advocacy, facilitates professional education and provides programs and services to help people with MS and their families move their lives forward.

Any amount will help and will bring us closer to a world free of MS!

Follow us on twitter: Stanton_Team or instagram: Team_Stanton

Thank you for being part of our team and making a difference!

3.2.13 It’s March and time to raise awareness for MS!

How can you help? Donate and/or sign up and walk with us on April 14th.  It’s only a month and 1/2 away and we have LOTS of fundraising to do to reach our $10,000 goal.  It’s easy, just click here

Our personal goal this year is to have the largest team on April 14th. So, if you are thinking about joining us, please sign up.  If you aren’t signed up ahead of time, it won’t count towards our total.  If you aren’t sure of your schedule and want to do this no problem…sign up and at least you are accounted for.  (On a side note, we need a total soon to make sure we have enough t-shirts. If you have a shirt from last year you are good to go or feel free to wear a shirt from a previous year).

We are happy to announce that we have received the results from The 2012 Nutcracker – Movements for MS event! Drum roll please…$2,714 was donated to Team Stanton ~ Walk MS!!  Thank you to the SRDA family and everyone involved in pulling this production off.  It takes an army of people to put and event like this together and it will take an army to find a cure for MS!

The National MS Society always LOVES the spirit Team Stanton brings to the walk each year and we can’t let them down.  So join us and sign up to walk!

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact any of us!

Click here to walk and/or donate!    Underneath the team photo, click on donate or join the team

2.3.2013 The Match up…Team Stanton vs. Multiple Sclerosis

Team Stanton is ready to kick off 2013 and continue to make a difference!!!!

As many of you know, in December 2009, my husband Dave was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Since then it has been our family’s mission to do more in the fight against MS.  Understanding the severe physical and emotional distress Dave deals with on a daily basis has been our constant driving force.

For those of you not familiar with our quest in the fight against MS, upon Dave’s diagnosis, I felt entirely helpless.  I struggled to figure out what I could do – knowing that I had to do something.  After countless hours of research, I determined that the National MS Society is the leader in sponsoring research and service programs.  So, Kaitlin and I formed Team Stanton and made our inaugural mark in the 2010 Walk MS in Reston – raising nearly $10,000 in 2010.

Following an equally successful 2011, we recorded our personal best in 2012.  With our friends and family with us, we raised OVER $15,000.  Bringing our current tally to over $35,000 in the three years combined!!!!  It has been truly awesome to see the amount of love and support we continue to receive.  And here I thought our initial goal of $500 was going to be challenging…

As we enter our fourth year, Team Stanton is geared up and ready to go for Walk MS on Sunday, April 14th in Reston, VA.  Our goal, $10,000!!!!  SAVE THE DATE and come out and join us!   We are attempting to generate our strongest turnout yet – and take the title with the largest team participating in the Reston event.

But, if we’re going to have another strong year, we need your support!  CLICK HERE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!  And remember, every dollar counts toward finding a cure and keeping everyone with MS on the move.

Each year we are surrounded by so many generous friends and family and we are extremely grateful.  I am excited about what we can do again this year for those suffering with Multiple Sclerosis.

We sincerely believe that awareness is where it all begins.   And awareness will END MS.

I look forward to 2013 being a truly eventful year for all of us.

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